Beating Burnout

Leading others can be challenging, leading yourself sometimes harder, and doing both against a backdrop
of change requires energy, resilience and balance.
Beating Burnout is designed for leaders and managers, who are juggling the demands of life both at work and away from it, and uses a methodology called MAIN frame.

Measure & Analyse

• The Energy & Performance profiler looks at the way people think, work, recover, eat and exercise, and will highlight the disconnects that often exist between people’s knowledge and actions.

• A 72 hour digital lifestyle assessment will bring together physiological data and contextual markers.

It provides an objective insight into the demands of day to day life.

Inspire & Nurture

Changing habits takes around 12 weeks, so following on from the initial diagnostics you will receive:

3 coaching sessions (one a month)
Access to The Festival of Us
Access to the Optima-life App
Repeat Lifestyle Assessment
A legacy session to review and reset

And finally...

Beating Burnout starts with the individual – their goals, their purpose and their actions. It is not a blue print for success nor does it aim to turn everyone into an Olympic athlete, instead the goal is simply to enable people be a bit better a bit more often, reduce the risk of burnout and create energy, focus and a sense of purpose.

It sounds fluffy, but the numbers add up. So, whether you are challenged by absence, attrition, or accelerated change the following may be of interest:

Average salary of a middle manager UK £50,000*
Cost per days absence £518 **
Cost to replace estimated at £30,000***

* Glassdoor, 2020
** Westfield Health absence calculator
*** Society for Human Resource Management, 2019

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