Health Assessment Two

Health Assessment Two


This is our main Advanced Health Assessment and is suggested for those aged 35 and over who would like a highly comprehensive assessment of their current health and lifestyle. 

Duration: Up to 5.5 hours

Assessment Two Consultation

approx. 50 mins

• Personal 1:1 consultation with Dr Savin
• Detailed lifestyle discussion and analysis of risk factors
• Occupation and psychological health analysis
• Family history
• Previous medical and surgical history
• Current concerns
• Cardiovascular risk analysis
• Sleep disorder questionnaires
• Female health questionnaire
• Male health questionnaire including prostate symptoms
• Screening history

Physical Examination

• General examination
• Cardiovascular system examination
• Respiratory system examination
• Abdominal examination
• Hernia examination
• General skin examination
• General musculoskeletal examination
• Ears and throat general examination
• Breast examination (females)
• Pelvic examination (if clinically indicated) females
• Cervical smear test (if clinically indicated) females
• Testicular examination (males)
• Prostate examination (males)
• Rectal examination (50+ or if clinically indicated)

Physiological Tests


• Height, weight, body mass index
• Pulse, blood pressure
• Temperature, oxygen saturation
• Urinalysis – 5 measurements

Body composition analysis-highly detailed including:

• Skeletal muscle mass- total
• Muscle mass in each limb
• Body fat- total
• Percentage body fat
• Visceral fat analysis-score -visceral fat area
• Optimum calculated target weight
• Biological age based on body composition
• Body composition score /100
• Trend analysis

Cardiology tests:

• Resting ECG
• Exercise ECG
• Stress Echo (Heart structure and function at rest and at peak exercise to look for cardiac ischaemia)

Eyes and Ears:

• Audiogram (professional hearing test performed in a sound proof room)
• Glaucoma test (intraocular pressures)

Blood Tests: Full haematology profile

• 5-part white cell differential
• Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)

Full biochemistry profile:

• Electrolytes
• Kidney function
• Uric acid
• Corrected calcium
• Phosphate
• Magnesium
• Fasting Glucose
• HBA1C (measure of average blood sugar over previous 90 days)
• Liver function
• Iron indices including ferritin

Blood fats:

• Total cholesterol level
• HDL cholesterol
• LDL cholesterol
• Cholesterol/HDL ratio
• Triglycerides
• Thyroid function
• Vitamin D
• Prostate specific antigen (PSA) males only
• SARS 2 Coronavirus COVID IgG antibody test
• QFIT test (50+age group if clinically indicated



• Carotid arteries
• Abdominal organs-liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder
• Pelvic organs-bladder womb and ovaries in females, bladder and prostate in males
• Testes US -males only
• Echocardiogram scan of heart structure and function


Females only

• If clinically indicated, this can be prebooked to be performed on the same day or after the health assessment at an additional cost. (Performed at a dedicated breast centre very close to Lumen Harley Street)

Post Visit


• Virtual tour of the inside of your body with one of our consultant radiologists to show and explain the highly detailed MRI images we have taken with verbal results the same day

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