They say that talking helps, and we couldn’t agree more. Whether it be a keynote to the masses, a workshop for a management team or, as is increasingly popular, digital delivery, our aim is to bring a topic to life, inspire people and shift the mindset from ‘interested in’ to ‘committed to’.

With an increase in demands on people at work and in their home life, how are you helping your people, your organisation and your culture?

How are you promoting energy and focus whilst reducing the risks of fatigue and burnout?

How are you helping your people with the challenge of work life integration?

Are you creating a performance culture that will keep you ahead of the game?

If these questions are relevant to you, we at Optima-life have a range of content that can be delivered in keynote, workshop or digital format.

“One of the best ever! Not only for the job – for life!”



The technology provided by Optima-life has helped provide a real insight into the health and wellbeing of our employees, and has proved to be an excellent tool for assessment and for motivating behavioural change. It has also proved to be a catalyst to effective communication between a number of departments that provide an input into the health, productivity and performance at Unilever.

Dean Patterson

Head of Health & Productivity, Unilever

“Can I just say that what you do is superb : why you do it – enlightened. And the gifts it brings: enduring.  I look forward to bringing your science to more people across the bank – the messages are so important.”

Standard Chartered Bank

United Kingdom

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