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Executive Coaches



Simon has worked at Lord’s cricket ground for the past 30 years, firstly as a physiotherapist, then as head of player health, wellbeing and sports science and currently he leads on organisational development across the club.

Alongside his work in sport, he delivers coaching and training to organisations that are serious about their people. He is a faculty member for The National Leadership Centre and has won awards for his work in supporting the NHS workforce. He is an Amazon Top 10 best-selling author and, if the truth be known, he is often described as a bit of a nuisance.

With clients, from public and private sectors, based in locations around the world his message is consistent and clear – if organisations want to progress in a world of flux the leaders of today need to look after themselves, their teams, and their communities.

To facilitate progress Simon uses an approach that he refers to as MAIN frame (Measurement and Analysis to understand, Inspiration to ignite and Nurture to enable sustained success). This combination of data, talking and coaching addresses the Key Human Performance Indicators that are essential in delivering personal energy, focused teams, and resilient organisations.

In addition to working with individuals Simon spends much of his working week delivering keynote talks and, especially post-covid, coaching teams that need the opportunity to ‘Reflect, Realign and Reset’, and reduce organisational anxiety before embarking on the next leg of the corporate journey. Away from work, he still attempts to play cricket (badly), run (moderately successfully) and cook (occasionally triumphantly).

And as for the tag of being a nuisance whilst he sometimes does get under peoples’ skin, more than anything his ideal day is helping you understand yourself better and allow you to get under yours!



Kim Ingleby is an Multi Awarding Winning Mind Body Coach with the tools, empathy & commitment to help you enhance your wellbeing and performance. Kim has competed for Team GB Age Group in Triathlon & Aquathlon and travelled globally as a Senior Sports Therapist and Mental Strength Coach for athletes and para-athletes.

Kim has authored a best-selling health and wellbeing book and spoken at TEDx Bristol on ‘Overcoming Adversity’, blending her personal story and professional tools to help you be more successful and unlock your full potential. She has the professional training, experience and personal empathy to help you understand stress and it’s affects, whilst managing your aspirations and creating the life you wish.

Kim works with a diverse range of clients, genders and backgrounds, successfully fusing business, performance and wellness offering personalised coaching. She has over 25 years’ experience working with CEO’s, Olympic Athletes, Strictly Come Dancing participants, Media and Adventurers, She can help anyone looking to enhance their quality of life, heal from stress and burnout, overcome limitations in thoughts and habits and live whole heartedly. During the pandemic and as things continue to reshape, she has adapted and delivered coaching and workshops to include online throughout the world with impact.

Kim’s authentic coaching style delivers results for individuals seeking to enhance their wellbeing, confidence and success in work and life. Her transformational coaching uses tools and techniques that break down old habits and limits, giving tools to help adapt and sustain new ways of living, thinking and reach their goals.

Focus Includes:
• Physical and Mental Wellbeing whilst Leading
• Managing Change, Burnout and Stress
• Inner Confidence and Courage in Career Growth
• Life Wellness and Adventure Challenges

Kim’s passion for coaching has always been at the heart of her personal development with a strong desire to help individuals realise their full potential. She has a wide range of professional qualifications including International Business Management, NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist, Life & Sports Coaching, Trauma Therapy with Yoga Nidra & Breathwork, GP Referral, Advanced Personal Training and Sports Therapy. This unique blend of mind and body training allows her to truly help you enhance your wellness, performance and enjoyment in life and work.



Nigel Melville was the youngest player to captain England’s rugby team on his debut. During his playing career, Nigel was the Head of UK Promotions for Nike working alongside elite athletes from a wide range of sports. Following retirement from the game Nigel became a successful performance coach working in rugby and football. In 2006, Nigel became CEO and President of Rugby Operations for USA Rugby returning to England in 2016 to join the England Rugby Executive team as Director of Professional Rugby and successfully leading the organisation as Interim CEO during some challenging times. Nigel now works as an Executive Coach developing leaders and leadership teams across the sports industry and wider business community

Nigel’s authentic coaching style delivers results for individuals seeking to move their careers to the next level. His transformational coaching uses tools and techniques that break down old habits and set inspirational, sustainable and achievable goals.Nigel supports the development of collaborative leaders who have the skills to lead organisations in a changing world and take them to the next level.

Focus Includes:

• Collaborative Leadership
• Managing Change
• Career Transition
• Life Balance

Nigel’s passion for coaching has always been at the heart of his personal development, presenting on the Ashridge Management Sport/Business programme, completing the United States Olympic Committee Leadership Certificate as well as becoming an ILM Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner and approved ICF Coach



Sarah is an award-winning psychologist, executive coach and trainer with over 15 years’ experience in wellbeing, personal and professional development. Her work on personal and professional development is used on international MBA programmes, and she has presented on the subject as a TEDx speaker.

Sarah holds an ILM Level 5 as an Executive Coach and Mentor and a Level 3 in Counselling Skills and has worked as a coach and mentor for two decades.

A CEO, she has a deep understanding of the pressures and responsibilities senior leaders face, and the role they play in building constructive cultures under hybrid conditions.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, Sarah has developed expertise in designing and facilitating online and hybrid participatory learning and development experiences. Currently co-editing a book for Open University Press on delivering digital interventions.

Sarah is a regular invited panel speaker at international conferences on the role the creative industries and technology can play in transforming health and wellbeing approaches across the lifespan.




Major General Ewen Murchison MBE, DSO developed his coaching philosophy throughout a distinguished military career with the Royal Marines spanning 30 years. He has a track record of delivering results in complex, diverse environments for a variety of UK and multilateral organisations. Most recently Ewen held a NATO appointment as lead advisor to the Minister of the Interior in Kabul Afghanistan responsible for the allocation and utilisation of a $1.2bn budget.

Major General Murchison was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2006 and in 2011 a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order (DSO). He is a Chartered Manager and holds a Master’s Degree in Defence and Security Studies from Cranfield University and most recently completed a 6-month residential fellowship at Oxford University studying the impact of organisational design and institutional culture on innovation and transformation.

Between 2017 – 2020 Ewen was a key member of The Ministry of Defence Think Tank, informing defence strategy, capability development, operations and provides the foundation for joint education. Ewen was Head of Futures and Strategic Analysis offering strategic foresight in support of strategy formulation and capability development turning good quality thinking into practical action.

Ewen has extensive professional experience in command, leadership, management, strategy, and operations. He uses transformational coaching techniques to help clients grow, develop and re-write their reality; blending authentic support and candid feedback to help unlock potential. His philosophy is underpinned by a bias for action – a leadership instinct that rejects inaction.

Quote. “It’s about seizing the initiative and fixing problems when you see them; it’s about a willingness to act boldly and take calculated risks; it’s about taking small steps along a critical path, rather than trying to achieve the end goal all in one go. It recognises that learning is active and iterative – we act, we assess, and we act again.“



Hayley is a leadership trainer, executive coach, sleep expert and functional medicine practitioner. She works with leaders and high-performance teams across the globe to help them build resilience, manage stress, and maintain optimum states of mental health through times of challenge and change.

Hayley is the only C-Suite level coach to combine neuroscience-based coaching methodology with biofeedback, functional testing, nutrition, and sleep medicine. Known for her ‘no fluff’, evidence-based approach she is skilled in integrating functional medicine with coaching techniques to help people effectively ‘state shift’ and improve their stress handling and ability to access the brain states required to identify and act on meaningful opportunities.

Hayley’s functional medicine background is also particularly useful in the support of high performing men concerned about andropause, and women who need guidance on managing the menopause at work. Women over 50 are the fastest growing group in the workforce. As they transition through menopause nearly two thirds report difficulties concentrating and more than half experience increased levels of stress and a loss of patience with clients and colleagues. Hayley’s ability to provide them with both physical and psychological support has proven transformational for many.

Her roles as a global leadership trainer and coach, and consultant to the leading London sleep centre allow her to stay at the forefront of the latest developments in her sector.

Hayley’s clients include global management consultancies, financial, health and security services, and tech industry firms. She specialises in sectors that face unusual levels of stress, or change.

Hayley has also appeared on TV, guiding Channel 5’s Stefan Gates through a series of experiments to determine the effect of food on sleep

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