The Process

We work with you and/or your leadership team individually and collectively. We are happy to answer any questions you may have – but we think the answers may surprise you!

Our team of experts work with you and implement solutions that recognise the specific daily challenges each individual faces. We believe that prevention is always better than cure.

The Initial Meeting

We start with a confidential meeting with your Executive Coach who will work alongside you, sharing their knowledge and expertise. They will assist and guide your understanding of how to optimise your performance, based on the facts and evidence provided by your personal assessments.

We also answer the common objections surrounding change, including lack of time, convenience, practicality, and sustainability. We outline the programme, its benefits, and its features.


We conduct three significant assessments, providing the best possible analysis of your overall health which directly effects your performance.

Medical check-up
We conduct what is, in our view, one of world’s best preventive medical check-ups, which includes a physical examination, comprehensive blood tests, ECG stress test and ultrasound examination. The check-up centre-piece is a unique radiation-free magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, which takes hundreds of body images.

“The vast majority of the results are available at the end of the check-up, and they are explained to you by your doctor in detail before leaving, and an action plan is formulated. A comprehensive digital medical report is sent securely within a few days, with a CD containing all the MRI images and a link to download the MRI scans if required.”

Key person assessment
You and your colleagues, each contribute valuable expertise, commitment, and drive. You perform under pressure and overcome challenges. You take advantage of opportunities and look towards a successful future. What would you do if this was threatened and you, or a vital member of your leadership team, was to suffer a debilitating critical illness or pass away?

Included in the ‘Fit for Leadership Assessment’ is consideration of how to support your company, and provide the opportunity to assess the financial risk to you and the business, should the worst happen. We have partnered with experts in business and personal protection, who will work with you and your business to explain the needs, benefits and features of this type of service.

Heart rate variability assessment 
We use world-leading technology, known as a ‘Heart Rate Variability Monitor’, that can be extremely successful in shaping the performance of international sportsmen and women, and is now being used very successfully to give detailed accurate and timely performance insight in four critical areas:

1. Stress and recovery
2. Energy and sleep
3. Activity and exercise
4. How to maximise performance

It is personal and specific, and helps leaders understand how their bodies are responding to real life. Just as athletes need to consider various factors that affect their performance, the same considerations apply to the very best business leaders and their teams.

To assess this our specialists work alongside our clients. The assessment does not interfere with work or social life and is simple to conduct. We provide:

• A 72-hour heart rate variability analysis
• A comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment, coaching, and detailed personalised and confidential report from an expert member of the Fit for Leadership team
• Re-tests to accurately measure progress and discuss
with your coach.

Knowledge and understanding

Understanding stress
Stress is part of everyday life. Situations, and your ambitions, create stress, but can also bring out your best and keep you alert. However, too much stress can drive you to ‘burnout’.

What is burnout?
Burnout is a condition that develops when you work too hard for too long in a high-pressure environment. You become physically and emotionally exhausted. Burnout can affect anyone at any age. It often effects leaders who
are used to being in control and are unlikely to ask for help when things go wrong.

The work with your Executive Coach and our specialists will cover the causes and effects of leadership stress. We look at some current case studies and build knowledge and understanding of how to manage stress at home and in
the workplace. We cover the illnesses associated with stress and how to manage your lifestyle and no, our standard answer is not, ‘Change your work / life balance!’

What is the best route for you right now?
We turn theory into practice, using data, analysis and a new understanding of the best route for you and your needs. We want you to have a sound knowledge and understanding of how you can enhance the way you feel, and
consequently how you think and act. Avoidance of bad stress, quality sleep and adequate sunlight all have a significant positive impact on your performance – and even more so when aligned to the right nutrition and

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