We are living in unprecedented times with the disruption to our lives both at and away from work, being significant. Whilst people and organisations have demonstrated incredible adaptability, the demands are starting to catch up and for many fatigue is becoming more prevalent.

Organisations are realising, that if they want to reduce the risks of burnout, attrition and absence, they have a key role to play in supporting their people to stay energised, resilient and healthy.

Fit for Leadership working with Optima-life have drawn together a series of digital assets, meaning that people can be supported during times of altered working practices. These programmes aim to:

• Support and develop the resilience and wellbeing of individuals and teams
• Unlock knowledge on The Key Human Performance Indicators
• Be a catalyst for energised people, focused teams and resilient organisations

The Programme

The BALANCE programme is designed for anyone who wants to be a bit better at looking after themselves.

Delegates will:

• Complete the Energy and Performance profiler

• Attend a half day interactive workshop that will explore:
       – What is health and wellbeing and why does it really matter to them?
       – Resilience as a skill; from recognition to response.
       – The science behind Key Human Performance Indicators (KHPIs)
              – Sleep
              – Mindset
              – Nutrition and Exercise
              – Creating focus
              – Relationships and Self-value
       – How to create a personal performance recipe

• Wear a Bodyguard monitor for three days and receive a one to one feedback session

The Festival of Us

The Festival of Us is a digital magazine that will engage your people, wherever they are, to explore the factors that are the foundation stones for energy, resilience and wellbeing.

At the core of The Festival of Us is a regular stream of multimedia content that looks at topics such as sleep, stress, loneliness compassion, mindset and purpose. Information and insights can be shared across an employer’s communication channels, to ensure that wellbeing is an on-going conversation and becomes a pillar of organisational culture.

Features include:

• Films
• Articles
• Infographics
• Links
• Monthly wellbeing diary
• Company noticeboard

At a time when people require support in multiple locations, The Festival of Us is a simple and cost-effective way to keep the conversations going 52 weeks a year.

Delivery Consultant

Often described as a nuisance, Simon Shepard is a Chartered Physiotherapist, who has been head of health and performance at Lord’s Cricket Ground since 1991.

For the past decade he has been working with companies that are challenged by either:

– Attrition of key staff
– Merging of teams
– Accelerated change

Typically working with managers and leaders, his approach is data driven and focused on developing The Key Human Performance Indicators – the factors that are so often the catalyst for energised and purposeful people, focused and effective teams, adaptive and resilient organisations.
Simon’s recent clients include: The NHS, National Leadership Centre, Civil Service, NFP, Government Legal Department

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