Health Assessment One

Health Assessment One

A very comprehensive entry-level health assessment is suggested for those aged 35 and over who want a core health assessment.
Duration: up to 4 hours

Assessment One Consultation

approx. 50 mins

• Personal 1:1 consultation with doctor
• Detailed lifestyle discussion and analysis of risk factors
• Occupation and psychological health analysis
• Family history
• Previous medical and surgical history
• Current concerns
• Cardiovascular risk analysis
• Sleep disorder questionnaires
• Female health questionnaire
• Male health questionnaire including prostate symptoms

Physical Examination

• General physical examination
• Cardiovascular system examination
• Respiratory system examination
• Abdominal examination.
• Hernia examination.
• General skin examination
• General musculoskeletal examination.
• Ears/throat general examination.
• Breast examination (females)
• Pelvic examination (if clinically indicated) females
• Cervical smear test (if clinically indicated) females
• Testicular examination (males)
• Prostate examination (males)
• Rectal examination

Physiological Tests


• Height, weight, body mass index
• Pulse, blood pressure
• Temperature, oxygen saturation
• Urinalysis – 5 measurements


• Skeletal muscle mass- total
• Muscle mass in each limb
• Body fat- total
• Percentage body fat
• Visceral fat analysis-score -visceral fat area
• Optimum calculated target weight
• Biological age based on body composition
• Body composition score /100
• Trend analysis

Resting ECG

Blood tests (around 50 seperate test) including:

• Full haematology profile: (full blood count)
• 5 part white cell differential
• Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
• Full biochemistry profile
• Electrolytes
• Kidney function
• Uric acid
• Corrected calcium
• Phosphate
• Fasting Glucose
• Liver function
• Iron indices including ferritin

Blood fats:

• Total cholesterol level
• HDL cholesterol
• LDL cholesterol
• Cholesterol/HDL ratio
• Triglycerides
• Thyroid function
• Vitamin D
• Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) males only
• SARS Coronavirus 2 COVID19 antibody test
• QFIT test (50+age group if clinically indicated)

Scans - MRI Scans

(X-Ray free) Phillips 3T scanner


• Major blood vessels inside the head (Brain MRA)
• Carotid arteries
• Central arteries of abdomen and pelvis
• (aorta, renal arteries)
• Abdominal organs-liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder
• Pelvic organs-bladder, womb and ovaries in females, prostate in males
• Immersive audio-visual MRI experience for client comfort


(if clinically indicated at additional cost)

• If clinically indicated, this can be prebooked to be performed on the same day or after the health assessment at an additional cost. (Performed at a dedicated breast centre very close to Lumen Harley Street)

Post Visit

Follow up consultation with Dr SaviLumen Doctor
up to 30 mins

• A detailed verbal run through of all results and important significant findings and management plan either by phone or remote consult after the health assessment
• The doctor will answer any questions you may have
• Comprehensive personalised user-friendly health assessment report within 10 working days
• CD of all MRI images to keep for future reference
• Specialist ongoing referral if indicated as part of our service

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