Health, Wellbeing & Performance Coaching

Health, Wellbeing & Performance Coaching

Health, wellbeing and performance…It’s time to get personal

By blending data with expertise, we provide a personalisedand objective approach that will enable you to understand
more about yourself and provide the creation of a plan that is relevant solely to you.


  • Complete an online profiler that looks at multiple factors that influence wellbeing and ‘balance’. Firstbeat Life
  • Used by many of the world’s leading sports teams you will be supplied with one of the most advanced wearables on the market. This will allow you to evaluate how well you are dealing with the demands of everyday life
  • Over the course of your subscription you will be able to measure yourself as often as you would like and evaluate progress via the Firstbeat Life App Coaching
  • After the first physiological measurement you receive a coaching session with one of our team Festival of Us
    A digital resource to provide ongoing information, insight and support
  • Unlimited self assessments during the term of the subscription
  • Anonymised organisational reports that look at either the profiler or physiological data can be produced (POA)
  • Additional coaching sessions can be provided (£250 per session)
  • On going subscription to Firstbeat Life can be provided (prices start at £19 pcm)
  • Prices exclude VAT , postage and packaging

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